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‘The Sentier Case’

French criminal case converted to full-text searchable CD-Rom’s thanks to ZyLAB’s technology.

The Sentier Case – Paper 2 CD

200 kilos of paper - 54 dossiers – 40,000 pages available on 100g of CD-ROM

Paris, 4 June 1999 - Once again ZyLAB technology was successfully implemented in the fight against fraud. In the Paris trial against business fraud, the first of this magnitude in the history of French Justice; the Paris Lawyers Council trusted ZyLAB’s Imaging and Full-Text indexing technology, to make accessible 40,000 pages of legal files. The trial in which the Lawyers Assembly presented the ‘Sentier’ Case commenced on 10th May.

Brief overview of the facts:

‘l'Affaire du Sentier’ is one of the largest swindles of this type ever listed in the French judiciary record. So far 124 individuals suspected of organised financial fraud were indicted. The charges varied from swindle schemes, concealment, forgery and use of forgery, minor money laundering operations to wide scale money laundering schemes; in total a fraud exceeding 540 Million French francs.

An exceptional case judging the largest swindles of the century

During this lawsuit, the Chancellery especially arranged a room in the Paris court. In order to provide lawyers of civil parties and of the defence with the case files, the chancellery installed 150 portable computers with ZyIMAGE 98 licenses. In addition to this, the chancellery is now able to accommodate 400 people concerned (expected to be lawyers, gendarmes, public and journalists).

ZyLAB, a technology in service of French justice

ZyIMAGE 98 made it possible to easily convert massive archive of the Sentier Case – 200 kilos of paper, 54 files or 40,000 pages – into easy retrievable digital documents on 5 CD’s.

The ZyLAB technology provides a transparent, easy and fast full-text search through all the documents. A comfortable solution for the lawyers, who thanks to the ZyLAB’s technology, now can focus entirely on the appeal instead of the on the search for the relevant documents.

ZyIMAGE 98, an indispensable tool for lawyers

Not only did ZyIMAGE 98 provide an easy way to convert 54 files of 740 pages each to 5 full-text searchable CD’s, but it also offered the lawyers a tool to organise all the relevant files to their convenience. Thanks to this technology, it has never been easier to organise their documents in directories in hierarchical fashion.

After the 40,000 pages were converted and indexed, the ZyIMAGE solution revealed that it missed 5,000 references and that around 300 references were duplicated. The ZyLAB technology thus made it possible to react and update the penal file with the necessary documents in time for the trial.


ZyLAB has more than 500,000 users world-wide. In 1983 ZyLAB was the first company to offer a text retrieval program for the PC environment. Since then the company has been the leader in developing this kind of software for the PC platform. ZyLAB was the first to offer a LAN version, the first to offer a Windows version and the first to use advanced search techniques like fuzzy searching, CD-Publishing and relevance ranking for the PC. The developments at ZyLAB focus primarily on the conversion of paper based data to digital information. One of the innovative features of the ZyLAB software is WYHIWYG® (What You Had Is What You Get). In response to a query ZyLAB shows the original scanned document(s) on which the result of the query is highlighted. Over 200 different file formats can be indexed and searched. Amongst the ZyLAB customers are a number of organisations like the FBI, CIA, Secret Service, NSA, NATO, and many other internal security, law enforcement and intelligence agencies , legal organizations, knowledge management and research laboratories, news paper clipping agencies, business intelligence, marketing, corporate strategy and documentation departments.

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